Terms and Conditions

Would you like to try your luck? At our gambling lounges we enable you to play responsibly and safely. Are you

  • aged 21 or older?
  • in possession of a valid ID?

then search for a Napoleon Games Gambling Lounge in your area.


You must register at every visit by presenting your valid ID at the front desk. Of course your data will be treated with the utmost discretion and will not be passed on to third parties. Subsequently you will receive a players badge that gives you access to the game hall.

Opening hours

In order to offer you as much gaming pleasure as possible we are open 7 days a week. The opening hours may vary depending on the particular lounge. More information per establishment is found in the text below for each gambling lounge.

Cash or debit card

You may play with euro’s and debit card. Each gambling lounge has ‘bill-acceptors’. These machines allow you to insert banknotes or debit cards in order to immediately transfer a certain amount of money onto your game card thus avoiding a trip to the cashier.

In the interest of the player CREDIT IS NEVER ALLOWED!


Winnings made at the lounge are paid out promptly and with a smile, and moreover completely tax free!

Our Assets

We guarantee uninterrupted entertainment thanks to our great service and quality:

  • Comfortable prime locations.
  • Parking is provided (private or nearby).
  • Duly trained professional staff.
  • The latest gambling devices that meet the highest standards and comply with strict Belgian legislation.
  • Latest IT & front desk systems for quick registration.

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