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Dice Spinner

Dice Spinner presents the most exciting concepts of slot games! It combines the dicegame concept with the “Wheel Of Fortune”-feature. Come and try it now!


  • Minimum: 0.25 
  • Maximum: 5 


The goal of the game is to achieve the highest possible score by aligning at least 3 identical symbols horizontally or diagonally in each nine-squared grid. The higher the value of the symbol, the higher you score!!

A combination of three bonuses (flame symbols) in a winning line lets the “Wheel Of Fortune” spin. This results in extra points or some “Mystery Games” which can increase your stake up to 100 times!


How to play

Before starting a (new) game, you select the STAKE (bet) by clicking the 'STAKE' button. The higher the STAKE, the higher your possible winnings! At the end of each game you can increase or decrease the bet for the next game by clicking the 'STAKE' button.




In the lower section you can see 4 SET buttons. Each button allows you to put the symbols in the slot of your choice.


By clicking on one of the 4 ‘SET’ buttons, the combination of three symbols that appear at the top of the screen is placed in the selected box. You can also click with your mouse on one of the grids or use the Napoleon Hotkeys.


It's up to you to strategically place all given combinations in order to increase your winnings!


The game automatically shows you where the opportunities lie for a winning combination. You can tell by the icons that start flashing. It is up to you to decide wheter to follow this suggestion or place the dice elsewhere.


A combination of three bonus symbols on a winline unlocks the “Wheel Of Fortune” bonus round! Depending on the result in this bonus round, you will be awarded with extra points or  “Mystery Games”. A Mystery game allows you to play with maxed out paytable winnings!

Point per Winline

You win money prizes when the total points of your combinations meet a minimum of 100 points. The value of each symbol can be seen in the upper left table. (Points per Winline). 



The paytable shows the cash prizes that can be won corresponding to the total points made at the end of a game. The higher the STAKE, the higher the prizes. If your stake is €0.25 and you make 500 points, you win €5. You'd win €100 if your stake is €5. 


Change your hotkeys

You can also play with your keyboard if you do not always want to click on the buttons. To change these settings, click on the “Change hotkeys” button.


Game over

When you have filled all the boxes the game ends. The profit for this game will be transferred to your credits and you can start a new game straight away. To do this, click the ‘START’ button. Click the 'STAKE' button before starting a game.

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