Here you can find some more information about how to bet on our different sport events. Follow the instructions below.

1. Log in with your Email and Password.
2. Click on ‘Sports’ in the Menu.
3. Choose ‘Live Odds’ if you want to place a bet during the match.
4. Click on the Game you are interested in.
5. All Odds do appear in the middle of the screen.  Click on the Odds you want to bet on.
6. You can choose to add more bets by clicking on more Odds.

7. Your bets will appear on the right hand side of the screen under ‘Betslip’.  If you want to delete a bet, click on the cross (X) in your Betslip.

8. Single: you can bet on every single match choosing an individual stake.

9. Combination: All bets have to be predicted correct.

10. Systems: You can place all different possibilities that are available in 1 coupon.  Bankers are picks that you are certain that you are going to win.

11. Now, your bet can be confirmed.  Enter your stake and click on ‘Place Bet’. There is a counter of X seconds before your bet is accepted.  You can check ‘Accept any odds changes’; this will accept any change in Odds.

12. We also offer the possibility to Ca$h-in your bet when betting live.  The Ca$h-In offer can be more or less than the original stake.

13. Once confirmed, you can check your pending bets in ‘Betting history’ or in ‘Pending’.


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