What does ‘cash in’ mean?

Secure some of your winnings or cut your losses! The Cash-In function offers you the opportunity to cash your current bet before the outcome is determined. The Cash-In offer is only valid for single live betting. To stop the bet prematurely, you only need to click the "Cash-In button.
Example 1: a player places a bet of € 10 on Anderlecht's odds posted 2.00.
Half time score was still 0-0, but immediately after the break Anderlecht took the lead (1-0). The odds posted for Anderlecht have changed to 1.10. In the meantime Club Brugge is getting better into the game and it looks like Club Brugge will score a tying goal. At that moment you can have your ‘profitable bet’ prematurely paid out for example € 17 (depending on the odds posted at that moment). These winnings will be automatically added to the player’s account no matter what happens during the game.
Example 2: a player places a bet of € 10 on Anderlecht's at odds posted 2.00.
After 65 minutes the score is still 0-0. The odds posted for Anderlecht are now set at 3.00. At this point the odds that the player will win the bet are getting slimmer. At that point you can limit your loss by recuperating part of the wager. If the player would cash in at that moment he still receives €5.70 for example, regardless of the outcome of rest of the game.