Responsible gaming

Napoleon Sports & Casino offers all the best casino games and sports bets, because everyone should get a bit of exciting entertainment once in a while! But we also want you to play safely and responsibly. Deal?

Regulate your play

Do you feel like you’re losing control? Tackle it there and then!

1. Set a limit for yourself

If you want to make sure you only play for as much money as you can spare, you can set a deposit limit for yourself on the credit deposit page.

Set a deposit limit

2. Set a pause

Would you like to stop playing for a bit? If you can’t be sure you’ll actually be able to resist temptation, then you can temporarily block your own profile.

Block my profile

3. Get yourself banned

Have you had enough? Then you can ask the Belgian Gaming Commission to put you on the blacklist. This will ban you from all online and offline casinos in Belgium forever.

Get yourself banned

Get help or advice

For questions or more information, please contact our customer support team or the services listed below.

1. Take the test at the Belgian Gaming Commission

To protect players in the best way possible, the Belgian Gaming Commission (BGC) makes sure legal gaming operators like Napoleon Sports & Casino comply with all rules and regulations.

The commission also has lots of useful information and recommendations on its website and even a test to see if you’re at risk or not.

Do the test now

2. Playsafe, a campaign supported by Napoleon

Napoleon Sports & Casino co-founded the Belgian Association of Gaming Operators (BAGO) which aims to guarantee players are well-informed through ethical advertising.

With Playsafe, BAGO wants to inform players about responsible gambling. This is why the website has lots of good advice and tells you everything about Belgium’s games of chance policies.

Read more about Playsafe

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